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Below are some of the bears I've made over the years. They have all been adopted.

Heart & Sole Series
Daniel Zebedee Samson
Josiah Elijah Lazarus
Ezekiel Billy Abner

Semi-Anime Style
9" Pooky 9" Tooky 7" Smile
7" Bart 7" Imagine 7" Buxton
7" Vincent 7" Kay 7" Paddy
Patriotic Elephants

Bent-limb Bears
18" Andrew 18" Bluebeary 17" Georgia

More Bears
13" Cocoa 12" Barnaby 13" Keeper
15" Stoney 16" Rufus & Albert
10" Aidan 17" Barley & 8" Hopps 15" Toby

Please note: These artist bears are handmade with many small parts thus are not safe for small children.
They are not toys but rather collectible items to be loved and cherished by the discerning collector.

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